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Course Overview Risk appetite defines the boundaries of risk an organisation accepts when setting targets and making business decisions. It has a crucial role in effective risk management, but is a complex area which involves balancing c
Course Overview The senior masterclass will be based on 3 days of highly intensive strategic risk training that is designed for a senior audience. To ensure the full effect, it is advisable to have a broad understanding of risk management before p
Course overview As a core organisational capability, enterprise risk management (ERM) requires a devolved, systematic and consistent approach to identifying and managing all types of risk to realise business objectives and seize new opportunities.
Course Overview An introduction to project risk management that enables a team to identify, classify and manage risk systematically for the duration of a project, taking full account of corporate aims in order to control the probability and mitiga
The Institute of Operational Risk (IOR) Certificate in Operational Risk Management (CORM) is the ideal qualification for anyone looking to develop an understanding of operational risk management. Qualification overview The study topic
Course Overview Managing risk is an inherent part of delivering organisational success today. This course covers the fundamentals of enterprise risk management in a dynamic and interactive learning environment. The course will use the theory and p
5 back-to-back days of our most popular training courses   Overview This masterclass is based on the content of our three most popular and practical courses: the fundamentals of risk management (FoRM), embedding risk management ERM) and
Course Overview The more deeply a risk manager succeeds in influencing the organisation's entire culture, the greater their ability to influence how risks are identified and acted upon. Aligning risk management with general managemen
Course Overview This Digital Risk training course will cover some of the most pressing and critical areas of enterprise risk management that executives in organisation’s worldwide currently face. In a world that is increasingly moving to a d
Course Overview This one day course will cover the concepts of risk culture and what it means for your organisation. You will also learn how to improve risk taking through the implementation of effective risk management techniques. Delivered throu
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