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After leaving the armed forces, it is so important for veterans to consider their next career choices, assess their skill sets and to consider re-training or enhancing their existing skills.

At Ex-Military Careers we can help you make the right choice when it comes to resettlement training courses.

Not only will it help you gain confidence and allow you to explore your own desires and ambitions, illuminating the direction you need to go but it will also also give you a distinct advantage over your competition.

We know that the right qualifications andf skills are paramount to the success of your next step forward and your future happiness.

Re-training veterans is a crucial part of the making the transition and our Learning Partners can offer the flexibility and encouragement that you need.


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Our experience and determination has secured us an enviable position in the current jobs market and means that we have broad range of options available to us and can provide the best learning choices for veterans and other ex-mlitary personnel.

Choosing the right learning provider can be a daunting experience upon leaving the forces and we can provide courses for veterans which are the most appropriate and relevant for your re-training allowing you to explore your own ambitions and granting you a smoother ride in to civilian life.

We have partnered with a number of established course providers who are suited for veteran training purposes and can honour that you will receive the right training to achieve your goals, aspirations and long term plans.

The Learning People – Provide a range of IT and Project Management courses. They are specialists in eLearning, which allows the flexibility to undertake courses at the times that best suits you and within your preferred learning environment.

We also have agreements with a number of Universities, and are confident that our partnerships with these organisations mean we have something for everyone.

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