Volunteer Reservists

Our military relies on the vital contribution of volunteer reservists.

They come from an array of backgrounds, professions and regions who appear to be like any other ordinary civilian, but unlike other civilians, these individuals prioritize their time to train and serve alongside our regular forces when required. Just like our regular forces, having had the same world class training, they are able to carry out the same procedures.

In particular, they are called upon for their specific skills or as ready-formed units. The demands can be extremely high pressure. Their specialist training enables them to gain invaluable skills and the way they manage the cohesion of both their military duties and working life becomes very apparent.

It is essential that employers recognize reservists for what they truly are, an invaluable asset. Their skills can be transferred to all workplaces, with many benefits to be gained by employers who choose to take onboard these committed individuals.

Get in touch if you are a reservist or planning to become one and are looking for a normal civilian opportunity.


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