Embedding Risk Management

Course Overview

The more deeply a risk manager succeeds in influencing the organisation's entire culture, the greater their ability to influence how risks are identified and acted upon. Aligning risk management with general management ensures it becomes part of an organisation's core philosophy.

Embedding Risk Management is a practical two-day workshop on how to set up, enhance or review a risk management framework. You already understand the process of risk management. The next step is to equip yourself to fully integrate business risk and opportunities for innovation into your organisation's corporate governance model. Our interactive workshop sessions explore the barriers stifling risk management, and analyse the different solutions. Packed with a series of models you will leave with a toolbox of useful ways of making risk in your organisation more synchronised with how you run your organisation.

The course charts the 5 stages of the risk management process which are:

  • Organisational objectives
  • Organisational risk appetite
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk treatment
  • Risk assurance

In each stage, we will help you identify practical ways to implement a solid, sustainable and easy way to operate risk management framework in your organisation. We operate small teaching groups so it can be tailored to your needs.

Who should take this course

  • Organisation leaders & managers who want to understand how a positive approach to risk adds value
  • Risk managers who are charged with risk framework implementation
  • Auditors who have responsibility to provide assurance to the organisation on risk management
  • Board members who set risk appetite and tone from the top in their organisation

What the course covers

  • The 5 key stages of a risk framework
  • Organisational culture and risk maturity
  • People biases and how to overcome them
  • Resilience of the organisation to effect change

Key learning objectives

  • Knowledge of the risk management tools that can be best employed in differing situations
  • A deep understanding of the importance of the 5 key risk management steps
  • Methods to help deal with people biases in the organisation


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