Project Risk Management

Course Overview

An introduction to project risk management that enables a team to identify, classify and manage risk systematically for the duration of a project, taking full account of corporate aims in order to control the probability and mitigate the impact of an adverse risk event.

Who should take this course

  • Board Directors.
  • C-Suite Chief Risk, Financial and Operational Officers.
  • Risk and financial professionals.
  • Strategy and compliance professionals.
  • Internal and external auditors and advisors.

Learning objectives

  • Provide an overview of project risk management; why project risk management, the process involved and definitions of project risk.
  • Human aspects of risk management; risk attitude and heuristics
  • How to initiate project risk management; the planning and project specific impact scales
  • Risk identification; describing risks using structured risk descriptions, identification techniques, risk register
  • Risk assessment; probability and impact, proximity, inherent vs current risk exposure
  • Risk responses; risk responses to threats and opportunities, secondary risks, post response assessment
  • Implementing responses; updating plans
  • Manage the process; keeping the process alive and improving risk management
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Project management, Risk Management
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