Managing Risk in a Digital World

Course Overview

This Digital Risk training course will cover some of the most pressing and critical areas of enterprise risk management that executives in organisation’s worldwide currently face. In a world that is increasingly moving to a digital future and where disrupting technologies and competitors come at a much faster speed than ever before, this course will look at the upcoming technology from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain.

In this digital future, it is more important than ever for organisation’s to have an online presence, take advantage of the latest technology && big data whilst also preparing for the future by considering future technologies. The course discusses the importance of not getting left behind the competition and how to avoid the pitfalls of choosing technology which can often be costly, require great resources and can require a change of business processes. In addition to choosing the right technology, the course will also consider the increased exposure to Cyber Attacks such as Phishing, Viruses and Hacking that having more reliance on digital technology presents.

Whilst Virus scanners, firewalls and other security measures are necessary, something which is often overlooked in relation to cyber security and digital technology is that of people. Employees, customers, contractors and visitors to the organisation all pose the biggest digital threat. 90% of cyber attacks are successful due to human error, customers expect and demand user friendly interfaces, safety of data and privacy and the role of social media is ever increasing. This course focuses on all these areas and aims to use real case examples and practical solutions.

Who should take this course

  • Non-IT risk managers
  • CROs
  • Auditors

Learn about


  • Why Reputation is one of the largest concerns in board rooms.
  • Understanding risks that can impact reputation including, but not limited to, cyber-attacks, social media and failure to meet customer expectations. 

Digital Risk

  • Digital risk, digital technology and the “4th industrial revolution”
  • Digital Disruption – Societal and competition 
  • The current state of digital technology.
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Blockchain technology & crypto currencies 
  • Ethics and Regulation – GDPR

Digital Risk Solutions

  • How to build risk management into decision making to ensure your organisation doesn’t get digital technology wrong. 
  • The Digital Committee 
  • Future trends and emerging risks
  • Can digital technologies act as a risk management tool by protecting the organisation and its supply chain?

Cyber Security

  • Cyber-attacks and Social Media risks 
  • Cyber risks from outsourced connections
  • Cyber security solutions

Risk Culture

  • Human factors
  • The importance of risk culture in ensuring organisational resilience, effective digital risk management and in enhancing and protecting a company’s reputation.
  • Tone from the top and how to effectively communicate positive risk management.
  • How to build risk management competency within the organisation.
  • A framework for rewarding staff for taking and managing risk.


Who should take this course

  • Anyone new to risk or wishing to enter the risk profession.
  • Executives and Heads of Departments to understand risk management and the role it should play within their organisations.
  • Risk management practitioners of all levels requiring a refresher on recent developments in risk management.
  • Students studying IRM qualifications.
  • Project Portfolio Managers.
  • Project Controls Managers.
  • Asset Directors and Managers.
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