We review chat GPT and month ahead

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This week the team decided to play around with Chat GPT, in which we asked the AI tool "What are the most common careers after leaving the military?" Not surprisingly, the most common sectors were; Law Enforcement, Government Contractor, Civilian Defense Contractor, Information Technology, Healthcare, Businessss, Education.  We then asked our community "Does any of the professions ChatGPT mention apply to you. The results were; Yes 61% & No 39%. So whilst yes was the majority, the AI technology has a way to go to be more directionally accurate.

In other news we have some excellent new vacancies listed with the St Helena Government who have listed the following vacancies Head of customs and Immigration & Head of Planning and Building and Control Services. Since our last newsletter, we have grown socially by more than 3000 new followers! 

Next month we will commence our Podcast series, and virtual events. So watch our social media for more information on these topics. As always if we can be of any assistance then feel free to reach out.