Life after the Military

Thousands of ex-servicemen and women leave their duties every year, 12,000 to be exact! So, when they take their first step in this transition, we support them.

After all, veterans have an array of skills and life experiences like no other, making them extremely valuable to employers.

This resettlement requires goals to be set, job intelligence, networking, and confidence in showcasing just why they are so valuable, with of course the support of our resources along the way, particularly during the most critical stages.

Veteran resettlement covers these five distinct areas:

  • Health
  • Employment
  • Welfare
  • Housing
  • Education


All military personnel have many transferable skills that need to be highlighted. They also may need to get further education and training in particular fields, taking specific Ex-Mil courses. So, make sure you take advantage of the resources available, there is more than you may think!

Assistance is there at every stage and is free

Free travel for Veterans
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