Senior Risk Masterclass

Course Overview

The senior masterclass will be based on 3 days of highly intensive strategic risk training that is designed for a senior audience. To ensure the full effect, it is advisable to have a broad understanding of risk management before participating in this course.

The senior masterclass will cover enterprise risk management from a senior management perspective and will place a focus on governance, risk and controls. The 3 days will focus on business dilemmas that fall around risk culture and people at risk. The content will cover risk appetite and tolerance, risk culture, reputational risk and place a heavy focus on risk governance and board level risk.

The learning objective of this course is to address business dilemmas and help create a culture in your organisation that ensures that risk management is not just a checklist feature; it’s an embedded component in your organisation's DNA. You will learn what the most important processes are to manage in your organisation and what processes can and should be used to help your organisation remain in “safe” mode.

You will have projects and homework to take home that will go towards building a case study of a complete and effective risk management framework that is tailored specifically to your organisation. The case study can be based on your organisation or a number of pre-selected organisations if this is more appropriate. Towards the end of the masterclass each attendee will get the chance to present their case study to the trainer, the masterclass attendees and to a member of our technical committee and a member of our board of directors. The objective is to gain expert advice from industry leaders. The "build as you go" workbook will help you to put your learning and knowledge into practice. 

Learning objectives

  • Gain an advanced understanding of Governance, Risk and Controls (GRC)
  • Examine external risks and how they can impact your organisation
  • Identify key risk in your organisation
  • Learn tools and techniques to measure and monitor control effectiveness
  • Identify key management processes required in your organisation
  • Forward thinking: Horizon scanning and scenario planning
  • How to communicate key risks to and with senior management teams and stakeholders
  • 1:1 review of case study
  • Prepare and present to trainer and peers
  • Feedback from industry leaders
  • Create a tailored action plan for your organisation

Benefits of attending

  • A deep dive in to the important risks facing your organisation
  • Gaining an understanding on the effectiveness of having a control environment
  • Enhancing your communication skills
  • Tackling risk dilemmas that organisations face by encouraging 'adult conversations'
  • An opportunity to benchmark your organisation against IRM's standards and your peers

Who should take this course

  • Senior risk professionals
  • Business leaders (CEOs, heads of function, senior managers)
  • Assurance providers, e.g., internal and external auditors
  • Non-executive directors (particularly those with responsibility for audit and risk)
  • Professional advisors wishing to provide more expert support for their clients' market

Return of investment

  • You will leave this workshop with a tailor made action plan for your own company
  • You will have practical and implementable steps
  • Benchmarking IRM expertise professional critique

Course content

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